Paying for College

Budgeting for college is a great step towards becoming more financially responsible.

But how much does college cost? Can I receive financial aid to help pay for college? How do I find scholarships?

In order to determine how you can afford college and how you'll pay for the costs, take a look at the following steps to make sure you have a plan in place.


Determine Your Cost of Attendance

Learning what your costs will be is an important first step in responsibly planning to pay for college. You can’t create a budget if you don’t know what your expenses are!

Find out the breakdown of your tuition costs as well as related expenses while away at college.

The Net Price Calculator can help you get a sense of the financial aid you might receive. 


Find Your Funding

Paying for college can be tough, but we are here to help you find sources of funding that can help you cover your expenses.

Start by reviewing the Financial Aid Timeline (PDF) for an overview of the process.

A great first step is to apply for Financial Aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The FAFSA is your first step towards securing federal and state grants, student loans, student employment and more.

WSU students are also encouraged to apply for scholarships. For more information on finding sources of funding, please visit the Financial Aid website.


Determine Your Remaining Costs & Payments

Now that you have determined your costs and have secured and received your financial aid, it is time to determine your remaining account balance, if any.

Simply subtract your financial aid received from your expenses to discover your remaining balance. The remaining balance is what you will need to pay yet to WSU.

Please review your payment options and be sure to keep payment deadlines in mind.


Review Your Semester Bill

Approximately one month before each term begins, your semester bill will be generated and available for you to review via e-services.

It is important to review your bill to ensure its accuracy, determine your actual costs incurred for the semester and begin to plan your payments.

Simply log into e-services using your Star-ID and click the Bills and Payment tab.

Celebrate Your Successful Budget

Now that you have determined your ability to successfully pay for college, you will want to keep the momentum going!

Be sure to budget your expenses and funding each semester to ensure a great financial future.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding paying for college, please be sure to contact the Financial Aid Office.

Need more help determining your costs, financial aid, and budgeting for the semester? Check out the additional tools, videos, and articles on WhichWay!