Money Management

Smart money management is crucial for financial success, whether you are a current student, a new alum or well-established in your career.

However, many people feel anxious and stressed when money is concerned. Personal finances often seem complicated and impossible to fully understand.

In reality, you can learn how to better manage your money. It’s a skill that takes a little savvy and a lot of dedication, but money management becomes easier the more you practice. The tools, resources, and techniques provided here can help you achieve financial success now and in the future.

Take control and begin your successful financial future today!

WSU Offers WhichWay

WhichWay is a free, web-based resource for WSU students and alumni to learn the concepts important to financial literacy and wellness. From your personalized WSU portal, you can explore how to apply for financial aid, strategies to get out debt and more.

Learn more about how WhichWay can help you handle your personal finances.