Statistical Consulting Center

The Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) is an educational and service unit operated by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Winona State University.

Our primary mission is to enhance research efforts by providing quality statistical support to faculty and students. We also strive to promote interdisciplinary research efforts and collaboration in our community.

Our center is staffed by WSU faculty members who have extensive training in statistics and students who have excelled in their statistics coursework and have completed the Statistical Consulting and Communication Course (STAT 370).


The SCC offers services to members of the Winona State Community as well as to individuals, businesses, and organizations in our broader community.

Services available through our center include:

  • Assistance with study design
  • Assistance with data analysis
  • Assistance with the use of various statistical software packages
  • Assistance with the interpretation and presentation of results
  • Presentations on statistical methods for various classes/departments on campus
  • Workshops on statistical methodology


On Campus

General consultation is provided to WSU faculty and students (subject to availability) free of charge for unfunded projects or research.

For projects or research where funding is anticipated, the SCC will provide support for proposals free of charge (e.g., we can help write statistical methods sections and/or conduct power analyses). For such projects, the center expects to be written into the proposed budget.

For research that has already received funding, compensation for services provided must be written into the project’s budget.

Off Campus

An initial consultation is free for external clients. If additional help is requested from the center, the fee structure will be negotiated between the SCC Director and the client.

Acknowledgement & Co-Authorship

The SCC should be acknowledged in any paper or presentation for which we have provided assistance.

Please note that when the SCC provides a significant contribution, it's expected that consultants will be listed as co-authors on journal publications or paper presentations.