Why is WSU a "Destination Liberal Arts"?

You could pursue a degree in Liberal Arts at many other places. Why do we - and our faculty, staff and students - believe that WSU is truly a Destination Liberal Arts university?

Professional career readiness.

The faculty teaching in our college are fully degreed in their professions and are exceptionally well connected in their fields. Their knowledge and networking help our students prepare for careers after graduation in a wide variety of fields in the social sciences, humanities and fine arts.

Location, location, location.

Not only is our bluff-side/Mississippi River location beautiful, it is home to many festivals such as the Frozen River Film Festival, Midwest Music Festival, the Great River Shakespeare Festival, the Beethoven Festival, the Boats and Bluegrass Festival and many more. This offers our students fun and professional performance, internship and marketing opportunities (since many of our faculty work closely with festival planners and organizers).


Programs that help you be you.

The College of Liberal Arts at WSU supports the variety of choice that is possible through courses in language learning (Chinese, German, Japanese and Spanish), specialized studies (including Ethnic, Film, Legal and Women's/Gender/Sexuality Studies) and unique programs (Arts Administration, Conflict Studies and Music Business).

With 13 departments and 40 degree programs, we offer choices that make sense for your interests. And since many of our courses count in the General Education Program, graduating in four years - even with double majors or multiple minors - is a reality for our students.


Travel study and study abroad opportunities.

WSU has a strong and successful program in international studies, supporting both travel study programs (WSU courses taken through international and domestic travel) and study abroad (living away for a semester and taking courses to transfer back to your major). Visit "Faculty-led Travel Programs" to see the life-changing experiences of our graduates.

Unparalleled opportunities for performance.

At WSU, you do not have to be a major in the performing arts to participate in many different black box and main stage productions, concerts and dance performances - you simply audition. This is a terrific way to continue the performance work you loved before coming to WSU!

Here, students are highly engaged in and committed to academics, arts and community in local, regional and global settings. Our faculty believe passionately in public dialogue, community outreach, meaningful scholarship and action learning to guide our students in this work.

Taking Academics, Arts, and Community Forward – We are Ready for You!

We are excited to begin a new fall semester and (hopefully) post-pandemic academic year! Our faculty are continuing to offer a variety of online, hybrid, *and* face-to-face courses, and our staff are eager to support you as well. As we prepare to welcome everyone back to our community of learners both virtually and in person, please don't hesitate to contact us at 507.457.5017 or via email at cla@winona.edu. To contact individual departments in our college, please consult our department listing page. We are ready for you . . . welcome to "Destination Liberal Arts!"

Fast Facts

Making Transfer Success Our Priority

WSU's College of Liberal Arts is a member of the Minnesota State Transfer Pathways initiative! Search for the academic programs included in the pathways.

WSU's Legal Studies Program is 5th in the Nation

See WSU's ranking as the 5th top Bachelor's Degree program in the country for Paralegal!

Common Book

WSU's Common Book this year is "The War for Kindness: Building Empathy in a Fractured World" by Jamil Zaki. This book combines research and experiments that prove empathy is not a fixed trait. It also shows that anyone - even former neo-Nazis and ex-prisoners - can both have and grow their empathy.