Individualized Studies

The Individualized Studies program allows students to pursue individualized academic interests and personal/professional goals within the framework of an academically sound Bachelor of Arts degree program or minor.

It is an excellent alternative for the mature student who wants to build on past experience and design their own degree program for current or future needs.

It offers students a great deal of flexibility and allows for intellectual growth in a variety of academic areas.

The Individualized Studies degree program is especially applicable for:

  • Students who wish to combine coursework from two or more disciplines around a thematic focus in order to design a degree that best aligns with their academic needs
  • Adult students who may already be working in a profession and require the completion of a bachelor’s degree to achieve specific personal, professional or vocational goals
  • Students who wish to create a custom minor in an academic area where a minor is not available
  • Students who require greater flexibility in selecting course delivery and scheduling options that allow them to pursue a college degree while balancing family, work or other commitments