Students checking out item from student worker at front desk of dorm

Amenities Included in All Halls

All residence halls and apartment facilities include basic amenities like mail service, front desk resources, network printing, and laundry facilities to name a few. However, the halls on campus are all different and offer different features.

The Amenities Comparison Chart (PDF) can help you compare and contrast halls and help you select the hall that is best for you.

Each residence hall has a front desk that serves as the “hub” of the hall. The desk is staffed by student workers who live in the hall and is open most of the day, with limited hours on weekends and breaks.

The front desk staff of your building can help you with a variety of services, like network printing, package pick-up and equipment rental (including kitchen supplies, games, snow shovels, etc).

A Warrior ID must be provided for the checked out item(s). Damaged or un-returned equipment will be charged to the student who provided their Warrior ID.

Common areas in the halls offer plenty of ways to meet other students. Get together with friends to watch the big game in a lounge or bake cookies in the floor kitchen.

Some halls have recreation rooms with ping-pong tables, pool tables and other games. Others have outdoor sand volleyball courts. Either way, it’s perfect for a little friendly competition or a low-key game night.

Keep in mind that these are shared spaces for the whole community, so students are expected to be respectful of others, keep areas clean and in good repair, and leave furnishings in the rooms.

You should always sleep in your own room, and if you leave a personal item in a common area you have 24 hours to collect it. Otherwise, staff will dispose of lost items.

Disrespectful use of common areas may result in the loss of privilege to use the space.

For the safety of all students, residence hall kitchen facilities should be used when preparing food.

The following are allowed in residence hall rooms:

  • Refrigerators (up to 4.5 cubic feet)
  • Microwaves (700 watts or less)
  • Single Serve Coffee Maker (no heating elements)

The following items are not allowed in the residence halls:

  • Appliances with exposed heating elements (toasters, hot plates, etc.)
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Personal Heaters
  • Wax Warmers
  • Halogen Lamps
  • LED strip lights

Refer to the Housing & Residence Life Policies & Procedures Handbook and our list of What to Bring & Not to Bring (PDF) for more information on approved and prohibited items.

The Housing Office will forward mail up to 30 days after a student has officially checked out of their residence hall room. Students are encouraged to check their campus mailbox often as this is one way the University is able to relay important information.

To mail something to your student, please use the following format:

Student Name
Residence Hall & Room #
Residence Hall Street Address
Winona, MN 55987

Pro Tip: Make sure that mail or packages are addressed to the student with their full name—not a nickname or a parent’s name.

Mail is only delivered if it matches the student names in our on-campus housing database.

Forwarding Mail

The Housing Office will forward mail up to 30 days after a student has officially checked out of their residence hall room.

Students are responsible for contacting businesses i.e. Amazon, etc. to reflect their updated address.

After 30 days all mail will be "returned to sender".

Each hall—including the East Lake apartments and the Sustainability House—has free laundry facilities for students to use.

All laundry facilities are equipped with LaundryView, a website to help you track the status of washers and dryers.

Please notify the hall front desk of any mechanical failure involving the laundry machines.

Loft Information

For safety and liability reasons, all lofts must be rented through Winona State University. All rooms are furnished with beds that can be adjusted to a height of three feet without a loft extension kit.

Loft charges will be applied to your student account within the first two weeks of the semester.

Requesting a Loft

You can request a loft extension kit when you move into your room. Pre-registration is not available. Simply inform a staff member when you pick up your key and they will assist you.

If you decide you want a loft after you've moved in, simply notify your RA or stop by the front desk.

Loft Cost

Loft rental fees are $50 per semester. All loft charges will be applied to your student account within the first few weeks of each semester.

Bed Dimensions

These bed dimensions will help you when purchasing a futon or couch for under a loft.

Lowest Height
(no loft extension)
(with loft extension)
Length outside frame
Length inside frame
East Lake
Sheehan, and
Sustainability House
7' 2"
6' 8"
3' 2"
Conway, Prentiss-Lucas
6' 11"
6' 4"
3' 2"

Proper Use of Lofts

In your housing agreement, you agreed to the following "proper use" regulations when renting a loft:

  • Safety bar use is required for all lofts/bunk beds.
  • All rented items will be assembled in accordance with the Bed Lofting Instructions (PDF) provided.
  • Do not attempt to assemble or dissemble your loft alone. This will greatly reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to the loft/bed.
  • Students will make no alterations or additions to bunk bed/loft and all extra parts must be stored in the student's room. (All university furniture must stay in their specific hall room.)
  • The student is responsible for disassembling and returning the loft before checking out of their room. Charges will be issued to your student account if not returned.
  • If the loft is damaged beyond ordinary wear and tear due to student's own negligence, misuse or for any other reason, student will pay to repair such damage.
  • The use of the loft/bunk bed will be at the sole risk of the student. The student hereby releases Winona State University from all liability resulting from any use of the loft/bunk bed.
  • Loft charges will be billed to the student's account by the 10th class day. If the student wishes to return their loft with a partial refund, the return must take place within the first 10 days of the semester.

Cancelling Your Loft Request & Returning Your Loft

If you choose to return your loft, please contact your RA.

Loft cancellations/returns can only be done during the first two weeks and the last two weeks of the semester.