Students from the 2019 Cal Fremling boat trip.


The History department offers majors in three areas as well as three minors.


Do you want the ability to work in almost any field? The History major may be for you!

You can learn the skills necessary for a career in today's ever-changing world.

Social Science/History Teaching

Is becoming a teacher something you've dreamed of?

The History department's Social Science/History Teaching major prepares you for a career in teaching with the option to focus on various areas.

Legal Studies

Do you plan on continuing on to law school, becoming a paralegal or lawyer, or simply studying the law?

Legal Studies offers various degree options to fit every need. 


Do you want to mainly focus on another area of study but still learn about history or legal studies? Consider a minor!

WSU's History department offers minors in History, middle school-level Social Studies and Legal Studies.