Nutrition Minor

Food and nutrition are an integral part of health promotion, disease prevention and our health care system. The roles they play in our lives range from fueling our bodies to providing the backdrop for our social interactions.

With a Nutrition minor, you will gain a knowledge base that will enhance future work in a community, school (classroom teaching), work site or research setting.

You'll be prepared to promote sound, evidence-based nutrition principles to physically and culturally diverse clients as well as make referrals to registered dietitians when necessary. You will also learn the principles of nutrition research and current topics within the field.

Learn more about the Nutrition Minor course requirements.

Take Your Major Further

The Nutrition minor is open to students in any major at WSU. Here are some majors that pair well with nutrition:

  • Biology
  • Pre-Medicine and Pre-Physician Assistant
  • Nursing
  • Social Work
  • Psychology
  • Healthcare Leadership and Administration: Health & Wellness Management
  • Exercise Science
  • Athletic Training
  • Physical Education and Health Education

If you are considering pursuing further professional training in dietetics, additional undergraduate courses may be required.

Contact Janet Macon at or Kent Hansen at for more information and course planning.