Medical Records & Forms

Medical records are confidential. Information is given to a third party only with the student’s written consent.

Parents, faculty, university administration and potential employers do not have access to your medical records.

To get a copy or send medical records elsewhere, complete & sign an Authorization to Release Medical Information (PDF). You can also use this form to revoke someone’s access to your WSU medical records.

Appointment Verification

If you have a prolonged illness or injury that requires medical attention, Health & Wellness Services will provide documents to verify any appointments. This will help provide evidence for excused absences.

Students should also consult the Temporary Conditions Checklist (PDF) for more resources.

Faculty members cannot ask Health & Wellness Services staff to confirm or deny appointment information for students. It is up to the student talk to their professors whenever they miss class due to illness or injury.

Read the full Appointment Verification Policy.

Health & Wellness Services Forms