Ask a Nurse Message Line

Call 507.457.2292 or Email

Ask-A-Nurse is here to answer all your health related questions. Ask-A-Nurse is great for when you:

  •  Have questions regarding COVID-19
  • Are feeling ill, but not sure if you need to see a doctor
  • Are feeling ill, and looking for tips on how to care for yourself at home
  • Want to learn about self-care
  • Have a question about birth control or sexual health

It’s easy, free and confidential. The Ask-A-Nurse Message Line is there whenever you have a health question or concern.

How the Message Line Works

You can call 507.457.2292 with any health or wellness questions. Pro Tip: add Ask-A-Nurse as a contact in your phone for quick access.

A trained medical professional will give advice, provide health information and even help you set up an appointment at Health & Wellness Services, if needed.

Our Ask–A–Nurse message line is monitored throughout summer & winter breaks, including some holidays and weekends.

We will return your message within two hours during business hours or will respond the next business day. In case of emergency- please seek immediate medical attention or call 911.