Foundation Committees

The WSU Foundation Committees provide an organized structure to ensure that initiatives are performed effectively and efficiently to benefit students, faculty and the community.

Each Trustee is expected to serve on one of the standing committees of the Board, which meet periodically throughout the year.

The Audit Committee will work in alignment with the Foundation auditor to fulfill new audit requirements and avoid overlap of responsibilities and tasks.

This will serve to streamline functions and save money on the yearly audit.

The Development Committee reviews, evaluates, and recommends to WSUF leadership and the Board of Directors the actions, policies and procedures needed to ensure the Foundation assists with maintaining a comprehensive development program.

The Finance Committee oversees and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee or Board in matters of finances, budget, investments, and reviews actions of the Treasurer.

The Finance Committee also serves as the Board of Directors for the subsidiary corporations, WSUF Aviation Resources and WSUF Housing LLC.

The Hospitality, Orientation, Stewardship & Thankathon (HOST) Committee shall ensure that each new trustee is properly mentored. They identify opportunities for the trustees to interact on a social basis with other members of the WSU community and potential donors.

They will also identify and coordinate the program for each Board of Trustee meeting to further enrich trustee awareness of the many programs underway at the university and how the foundation can be of more help to those programs.

The Scholarship Committee recommends the recipients of the scholarship funds administered by the Foundation where no other entity or body exists to select such recipients.

The committee is charged with authorizing new, or making amendments to existing, endowed and annual scholarships for the Foundation.

The Special Projects Committee is responsible for initiating, encouraging, reviewing, and recommending programs and projects to be undertaken, supported or financed by the Foundation.

The committee is responsible for developing general guidelines and criteria for individuals or groups seeking special project funding.

The Trusteeship Committee is responsible for identifying, cultivating, and nominating potential members of the Board of Trustees and its officers.

When seeking candidates, the committee will seek input from the entire Board. The composition of the committee should reflect the different perspectives of the full board.

The Board of Directors is responsible for all policy and financial decision-making of this corporation. The Board meets as business matters require and also holds an annual meeting.

The committee regularly submits reports to the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees of the WSU Foundation.

The WSUF Housing organization exists to both enhance housing options for students as well as provide an investment opportunity for the foundation.

WSUF Housing owns and was responsible for funding the construction of the East Lake Apartment Complex located just off campus.