Frequently Asked Questions

The renovated stadium will truly be something we can all be proud of for WSU and the Winona area, as we elevate the reputation and competitiveness of our D2 athletic programs.

It’s time to make an investment in our athletic facilities and the renovation of Maxwell Field is long overdue.

The goal of the Stadium Renovation Project will be $5 million dollars. We will not know the final costs until we go out for bids.

Depending on projected timelines provided by the Architect/General Contractor, we may need to complete the project in phases due to the potential impact on the football and soccer seasons.

If completed in phases, the South End Zone (including the video board) and the East Section (including the team locker rooms, bathrooms, concessions and apparel shop) would be the top two priorities.

Improvements to athletic facilities can either be funded through University funding or philanthropy. University set-aside dollars are becoming increasingly difficult to establish due to reduced funding from the State of Minnesota and challenging annual budgets.

Philanthropy will continue to be essential to funding improvements to athletic facilities now, and in the future.

This phase of the project will not require any funding from student-fees and assessments.

There is no relationship between facility improvements and ticket prices. Ticket prices are market-based and established on market trends among NSIC (Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference) schools.

The Stadium Renovation Project will be completed in its entirety within the current property dimensions.

No additional property is required for the renovations to the stadium.

The current stadium capacity is 3,000 seats. In the upgrades, we intent to provide seating for a total of 6,000 – 7,000 depending on the combination of seatback chairs, bleacher seating, and open deck seating.

The exact number of seats will be determined during the construction document phase of development.

This, however, does not double our capacity. For certain games, it is not uncommon for us to have 4,500 fans at a game.

The difference is that we have about 1,500 – 2,000 people standing in the corners of the stadium. These people will now have seats, in addition to being able to accommodate another 1,500.

The student section will create a bowl like effect with wrap-around seating, with a combination of bleacher and seatback chairs to accommodate all student needs.

In addition, the pep band will be moved to this area to create a game day experience for all and an exciting game day atmosphere!

Multiple bathrooms will be constructed at the West and East sections of the stadium, with numerous access points for all visitors to the stadium.

A 360⁰ walkway around the stadium will provide traffic flow to all points of interest throughout the stadium.

We plan to provide a game day experience for ages 5 - 85, because it is no longer just about the game.

We need to provide a memorable game day experience for people of all ages, from tailgating beforehand through watching the game.

Bleacher seating, seatback chairs, a student section, and an open deck will create viewing opportunities for a wide variety of people. The video board will create a heart-thumping environment, get fans on their feet the entire game and provide additional opportunities for the University.

Seatback chairs will be installed on both sides of the field (East and West section) to complete bowl seating that encapsulates the stadium. These will provide reserved seats.

Both end zones will provide general admission seats and/or standing room only.

As a result of the Educational Phase of the campaign, we will review opportunities to provide additional value to suite holders.

We received excellent feedback and are reviewing current plans, options, and alternatives that were not originally part of our planning.

Pending a successful campaign, we would like to begin construction in late spring of 2018.

Depending on anticipated construction timelines, we may phase-in construction to minimize the impact on our football and soccer programs.

If construction proceeds as planned, we would phase-in facilities in the fall of 2018 to coincide with the fall football and soccer seasons.

We will need to review anticipated construction timelines and impact and make decisions once additional information is available.

It is our intent to work around construction timelines and phase-in the project to minimize the impact it has on our football and soccer seasons.

Ideally, we would like to be able to complete the project at one time. However, we anticipate having to phase-in sections to minimize the impact on our athletic teams.

Absolutely! The stadium needs to be an asset to the University as well as to the community.

Programs such as Ultimate Frisbee, Rugby, etc. will all have the opportunity to use the stadium if interested and scheduling permits.

Absolutely! Programs such as Morrie Miller, Cotter Football, and other groups will be encouraged to use the field when available.

Due to increased seating, we anticipate additional interest from community groups and will accommodate based on availability.

It is our intent to schedule events and activities that will benefit the Winona community and surrounding area, as well as bring in additional revenue streams to WSU and our business community (hotels, restaurants etc.).

With seating increased to 6,000 – 7,000, and the possibility of additional on-field seating, opportunities to host significant events and activities will certainly be possible.

Parking is an issue. We are reviewing additional opportunities to provide additional parking.

Shuttle service from designated locations, purchase of additional property, construction of a parking ramp, and diagonal street parking are all being discussed to address current and future parking needs.