Film Studies

Welcome to Film Studies at WSU!

Creating a film is a team effort.

From pre-production to post-production, it takes writers, actors, cinematographers, editors, producers, directors, distributors, curators, and more to create and release a film.

We show our students the importance of collaboration through our partnerships with community organizations like the Frozen River Film Festival, which often showcases student film projects and allows us to take our students to Telluride, Colorado, for a weeklong faculty-led travel study.

To ensure we help you hone your skills even more, we also partner with other WSU departments to offer courses outside our major and minor. These courses from other departments focus on film music, acting, and video production.

By teaching the history and art form of film, and learning hands-on technical skills in filmmaking, we prepare our students for the field by building a variety of analytical, research-based, and creative project opportunities right into our curriculum.

These projects allow them to showcase their growing creative and technical skills and demonstrate their well-rounded knowledge and understanding of the medium of film and its history.

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