Requests for New Construction or Remodeling

Numerous requests for remodeling and/or alterations come through our office on a yearly basis which requires the need for hiring outside contractor(s).

To better serve the WSU community’s needs in a timely and cost effective manner, it is necessary to prioritize the work to avoid conflicts with classroom schedules as well as make sure contracts are in place prior to the anticipated start date.

Complete the New Project Request Form if you have a remodeling project you would like to begin.

If you have questions on completing this form or the request process, please contact our office at 457.5052.

The New Project Request Form is used to gather the basic information for a proposed project, including scope of work, time frame and funding source.

This information will be used by the Facilities Planning and Construction Office to evaluate the project request and to prioritize and schedule the work.

A project request includes projects intended to physically modify an existing space.

These include alterations such as electrical outlets, painting, carpeting and office remodeling which are in response to unplanned or non-budgeted changes in that area.

Project requests usually require the assistance of an outside contractor to accomplish the work, and in most cases, result in a Facilities contract.

Routine maintenance work includes maintenance work that can be accomplished by the WSU Maintenance Staff.

Examples include moving of furniture, hanging of shelves, door and window issues or blind repair.

Once a completed request form is received, the Facilities Planning and Construction Office will evaluate the request, and will prioritize the work amongst other project requests in order to address the highest needs first.

Someone from the Facilities Planning and Construction Office will be in contact to discuss the requested work. Submission of a request form is not a guarantee that the project will be completed.

A Facilities contract is required whenever an outside vendor or contractor come onto campus property to perform any work, or when they take possession of any WSU property.

Please note that WSU is a State agency, and is required to comply with Minnesota State regulations.

Facilities contracts and insurance coverage are part of this State compliance, and are out of WSU's control.

If your furniture purchase includes or requires the vendor to assemble or install the items on campus or to physically modify state property or facilities, then a facilities contract is required. 

If the furniture to be purchased can simply be delivered or dropped off by the vendor, then the purchase can be processed through a purchase order directly with the Business Office.