Comprehensive Facilities Plan

Our Brilliant Tomorrow is a comprehensive plan that defines a long-term vision for WSU’s campuses in Winona and Rochester.

Finalized in 2022, this plan identifies how campus buildings, infrastructure, landscape, and other physical resources will support the implementation of the President’s Strategic Framework.

It serves as a tool for WSU to prioritize facilities projects and optimize capital investments that advance the goals identified in the Strategic Framework, providing the roadmap to Our Brilliant Tomorrow.

WSU engaged HGA architects and engineers for this 14-month planning process beginning in July 2021.

With input from students, faculty, and staff, the following guiding principles were established:

  • Advance the campus culture that promotes DEAI (Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, Inclusivity) and collaboration
  • Generate plans that are data-informed and actionable, with a clear “why”
  • Craft innovative and adaptable spaces that support all student typologies and the Future of Learning
  • Reinforce academic excellence through hands-on learning and one-on-one interactions to drive enrollment
  • Integrate sustainability and resiliency into physical space, materials, and processes
  • Support growth in Rochester and elevate outreach and engagement within the community