Faculty & Staff Resources

Our commitment to a more inclusive and diverse campus community is not just focused on supporting our students.

Here are resources that can be used by all faculty and staff to help further our mission of making our campus more equitable for all.

In addition, take a look at the student resources. This will help you be more informed and better able to connect students with resources they may need.

Classroom Resources

Adding the Inclusive Excellence Statement in your class syllabi is one way to demonstrate your commitment to equity.

Equity 2030 Collective Action resources are currently being developed for WSU faculty and staff.

Contact the Equity & Inclusive Excellence team to learn how to use these resources and implement recommendations.

College Liaisons

The Equity and Inclusive Excellence staff also serve as liaisons to the academic colleges.

They can help you respond to retention concerns and other issues, as well as offer guidance for recruitment outreach to attract new students.

Professional Development Resources

Explore the Equity & Inclusive Excellence programs and trainings to develop your understanding and help build a more inclusive community.

University Resources

The WSU Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan (PDF) provides a comprehensive action plan to prioritize and enact practices for diversity, inclusion and cultural competence within our campus community.

The Inclusive Excellence Committee works to bring equity and inclusive excellence to all aspects of university life. If you have ideas, you can reach out to one of the committee members or consider joining the committee yourself.

Job Search & Recruitment Resources

Learn what it means to practice inclusive recruitment, and feel free to contact the Equity & Inclusive Excellence team if you have any questions.

If you are on a search committee, we recommend posting open positions on these sites to expand the applicant pool. Some of these job boards do charge a fee for posting or membership.

Out and Equal has information about how to fully support LGBTQ equality in the workplace.

The Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education offers resources to support employees who are part of the AAPI community.