Writing Center

Located in Minné 348, the Writing Center offers free, individualized tutorials in all genres and disciplines.

Make an Appointment

When you’re ready, make an appointment for an in-person or online tutorial with the Writing Center.

After entering your StarID and password into TracCloud, click on "Search for Writing Center tutoring sessions” and follow the prompts.

If your tutorial will be online, you'll receive an email with a Zoom link.

When to Visit

You can visit the Writing Center at any point in your writing process.

We can help you with things like pre-writing, idea generation, revision, and citation. The service is free, so you can visit multiple times—even for the same assignment!

You can select your tutor when making an appointment, so you can stay with the same tutor for each session (depending on session availability) or you can change tutors.

What to Bring

When you visit the Writing Center, bring your assignment sheet and assignment rubric (if any) as well as any relevant class notes, drafting/brainstorming work, research, or writing you have.

What Happens during the Tutorial

At your 30- or 60-minute appointment, your tutor will first review your assignment sheet and rubric while asking you about the assignment requirements. This process will help your tutor understand your instructor’s preferences and the assignment goals.

However, they can’t speak for your instructor, so they'll rely on your guidance and clarification.

If you feel you don’t fully understand the assignment yourself, you should first meet with your instructor to get clarification before working with a tutor.

At the appointment, your tutor will also ask you to identify up to 3 goals you have for the appointment. For example, you might be concerned with organization or your thesis statement.

Your tutor will then spend the appointment helping you work on those issues.

What Tutoring Can & Can’t Do

Our tutors are talented WSU students who have taken a class to prepare them to become tutors.

The principles of good tutoring dictate that tutors cannot rewrite your work or proofread it for you. Their job is to guide you through the process of improving your work.

While tutoring should not be considered “teaching,” this one-on-one experience ought to help you improve your ability to write.

Your "How To" Guide to College Writing

Need help writing a scholarship essay or a personal statement for graduate school? Want some tips for crafting a Review of Literature for class?

Check out our growing Writing Center YouTube playlist with "how to" videos on these topics and more.