Undergraduate Programs

WSU’s English Department offers seven undergraduate majors and six complementary minors.

Our programs will prepare you for a wide range of careers and opportunities, from teaching, publishing, and filmmaking to working at non-profit organizations to pursuing graduate school. Explore your options.

Applied & Professional Writing

Become a communications specialist as a technical, web, and social media writer with the Applied and Professional Writing major.

We also offer an online graduate certificate for those who are interested in pursuing a post-graduate study in Professional Writing.

Applied Linguistics

Learn about how language works and its social and cultural importance and use your degree to teach English in non-K – 12 settings in the U.S. and abroad as an Applied Linguistics major.

Communication Arts & Literature (Teaching)

You know exactly what you want: to become an English teacher.

Check out the Communication Arts and Literature (Teaching) major.

Film Studies

Calling all film lovers!

The Film Studies major allows you to dig deep into your passion for watching, analyzing, and making films on your own and in collaboration with others.

Literature & Language

Study the art and history of the English language while reading from some of the most influential authors of our time as a Literature and Language major.

We also offer a master's degree in Literature and Language for those who want to pursue a post-graduate study.

Teaching English as a Second Language

If you want to be an elementary through high school teacher for students whose first language isn’t English, then the Teaching English as a Second Language (K – 12) major is the major for you.

We also offer a master's degree for those who are interested in pursuing a post-graduate study in Teaching English as a Second Language.


Strengthen your skills in writing and being able to craft messages and stories in any format and genre and for any audience with the Writing major.


Whether you major in English or something else, our minors complement any degree, help your studies be even more well-rounded, and give you in-demand professional skills:

  • Applied and Professional Writing
  • Communication Arts and Literature (Teaching Grades 5 – 8)
  • Creative Writing
  • Film Studies
  • Literature and Language
  • Teaching English as a Second Language