Business Education Teaching

100% Job Placement | Flexible Learning Options

Make an impact on future business professionals by becoming a Business Education Teacher.

This area of teaching is experiencing a shortage in professional educators which means there is additional loan forgiveness programs available to professionals in this field.

Only at WSU!

Winona State University is the only public university to offer an undergraduate Business Teaching degree in the state of Minnesota, and there is a high demand for teachers of Business in our schools!

Online Course Delivery

Many of the courses in our program are offered online--which is convenient for students who are juggling other coursework, extracurricular activities, and work commitments.

Face to Face Teaching Practice

We also provide face-to-face learning environments within the teaching methods courses so students have the chance to work with one another and the instructor in a valuable practice teaching setting.

Teaching Options

A degree in Business Education Teaching can open many doors for you and the opportunity to:

  • Teach varying levels including middle school, high school, two-year college, and corporate settings.
  • Teach varying content areas including technology, accounting, marketing, general business, personal finance, entrepreneurship, international business, and more.
  • Coach athletics, advise a business club (DECA, FBLA, BPA), or work in other areas of Business and Training.

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