Careers & Alumni

At WSU, we’re a community of learners improving our world. Among all our outstanding students ready to improve the world are the aspiring leaders in education.

We asked some of our alumni to share their experiences in the Educational Leadership and Leadership Education programs, and here’s what they had to say.


Lalisha Olson ‘20

Elementary School Principal

Many of the professors and university supervisors developed into my colleagues, peers and friends who still support me in my current principalship.


Rick Fricker ‘20

Senior Business Analyst & Manager

The program offered synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities, which I found incredibly helpful in fitting in coursework around work duties.

The coursework has helped immensely with becoming a more proactive resource for my department and institution.


Tracy Hale ‘20

Director of Alumni Engagement

This program was amazing. It was phenomenal and life-changing for me.

I'm a mom of two children working both a full-time and part-time job.

I never thought I’d be able to squeeze another thing into my schedule, let alone have the time to get my master’s, but the coursework is something you can apply to your daily life—it's not just busy work.


Tom Endrizzi ‘20

Manager of Client Relations and Documentation Services

Quite honestly, the program forced me to think differently—not only at work, but also in all aspects of my life.

Since completing the program, I continually find myself referencing what I learned and approaching problems and opportunities in my life more confidently and in a fundamentally different way.


Julie Kiehne ‘20

Business Outreach Coordinator

The WSU Organizational Leadership program helped me identify my strengths as a leader and equipped me with the skills to confidently foster teamwork, partnerships, and organizational change.

These testimonials from alumni have been lightly edited for grammar, clarity and length.