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Education Doctorate

Practitioner Focused. Solutions Driven.

The Winona State University Doctor of Education (EdD.) degree program emphasizes the application of theoretical knowledge and applied research to advance practice in the field of education for PK12 schools, community college, university level, and other educational practitioners.

The program develops practitioner scholars in education who can strategically enhance teaching, address the challenges of practice, and apply research-based strategies to improve educational outcomes at all levels.

Areas of Emphasis include curriculum and instruction, instructional technology, multicultural leadership, organizational leadership, special education, and K-12 licensure/educational leadership.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Effective educational practitioners understand teaching and learning is at the heart of the organization and demonstrates the ability to foster reflective best practice
  • Effective educational practitioners demonstrate an ethical and moral commitment to collaborative work that promotes positive learning for all members of the organization
  • Effective educational practitioners connect the immediate work of organizational improvement of larger philosophical, political, and historical contexts, and organizational missions and visions
  • Effective educational practitioners establish a commitment to social justice through their work and act in ways that promote and encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout organizations
  • Effective educational practitioners harness evolving technologies to improve organizations, enhance learning, and build institutional identities
  • Effective educational practitioners foster continuous organizational improvement grounded in the collection, analysis, interpretation, and application of appropriate data
  • Effective educational practitioners locate, interpret, and assess relevant educational research and apply it to both problems of practice and the design and conduct of research
  • Effective educational practitioners can construct and apply knowledge to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals, families, organizations, and communities

Course Delivery Methods

Online Coursework with Onsite Summer Residencies

The Ed.D program is delivered via a cohort model through a combination of online courses, face-to-face summer residencies.

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