Student Resources

We’ve provided a number of resources to help you successfully navigate through the Criminal Justice program.


There are 10 scholarships (PDF) available to Winona State Criminal Justice students.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

Students who have chosen to work full-time in public service jobs may qualify for student loan forgiveness through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. This program forgives student loans after 120 qualifying payments have been made on Direct Loans.

The WSU Criminal Justice Club strives to provide students experience with the criminal justice system, locally, nationally and outside of a classroom setting. In addition, the Criminal Justice Club seeks to build ties with the community through volunteer work, as well as provide employment opportunities and information for future Winona State University Graduates.

Socially, the club is full of stimulating people who have similar career interests. Members in good standing can earn fringe benefits like free food, entertainment and memorabilia. The club teamwork principles are similar to criminal justice agencies. The club also serves as a collective voice for criminal justice students at Winona State. The club is in touch with the needs of students and speaks for the student to the University to ensure those needs are met.

The Criminal Justice Club is always looking for new and committed members who will contribute time and energy to the club and to the field of criminal justice. Those interested in becoming a member only need to attend meetings.