Communication Studies - Organizational and Corporate Communication Option - (CSO) - BA Major

45 S.H. (Minor Required)

If you are planning a career in the business world and want to learn how to be a successful communicator in a variety of organizational contexts, the Organizational and Corporate Communication Option of Communication Studies is the major for you.

In this major, you will learn how to use social media effectively, communicate well in groups and organizations and implement the best strategies for making a strong first impression.

This option is designed to prepare you to succeed in modern organizations. With ongoing changes in technology, the use of teams and the multiplicity of ways that organizations are structured, you need to be prepared to understand and adapt to an ever-changing world of work.

If you choose this option, you will be expected to

  1. Analyze the effects of communication technologies in organizations
  2. Analyze organizational culture and systems
  3. Apply appropriate theories to organizational settings
  4. Demonstrate communication competencies appropriate for the organizational setting, such as leadership, followership and interpersonal communication
  5. Analyze organizational behaviors from diverse perspectives
  6. Construct original messages for a variety of audiences
  7. Develop a professional development plan or portfolio

Major Maps & Requirements