Family Resources

The WSU Children’s Center mission supports a strong connection between home and school practices.

We intentionally create relationships to support family engagement in the following ways:

  • Formal and informal exchange of information with parents through scheduled conferences, center-wide emails and quarterly newsletter
  • Access to WSU and community resources
  • Social events like Winter Dance, Fall and Spring picnics, and more

See the Family Handbook (PDF) for more detailed information.

The Family Alliance provides a mutually supportive partnership between WSU Children's Center staff and families.

The Family Alliance supports the children, their families, and the teachers and staff at the WSU Children's Center by:

  • building community between families and teachers by planning events
  • supporting all families through sharing, communication, and resources
  • assisting teachers with their identified classroom needs
  • showing appreciation for teachers and staff
  • fundraising as needed to support the work of this group and the Center

The Family Alliance is open to any parent, guardian, or other adult student parent for a child at the WSU Children's Center.

The WSU Children’s Center welcomes community volunteers to share time and talent in the classroom. All volunteer relationships to be coordinated through the Children's Center main office.