The purpose of a job interview is to share with the interviewer(s) your skills, education, and experiences that deem you competent to conduct the responsibilities of the position.

Your goal during the interview includes:

  • clearly articulating your skills and abilities
  • developing a positive rapport with the interviewer
  • gathering details of the position and organization (so that you can make an education decision should you be offered the job)

Interviewing is a skill that with time and practice can be improved.

Below are a number of tools and tips that will help to build your confidence and strengthen your interview skills. 


Interview Mistakes
In-Person Interviewing
What Does Career Path Look Like?

Mock Interviews

Practice interviewing with a pro.

Career advisors will shape practice interviews to a job description of your choice. Or they could focus the interview on one specific competency area such as leadership abilities or cultural competence.

You'll get written and verbal feedback on your interview performance and tips for improving. 

Mock interviews are offered on Mondays, and you can sign up for multiple sessions throughout the semester. Schedule a mock interview by calling the Warrior Success Center at 507.457.5878.

Interview with Employers

Career Services host employers to conduct job interviews in the Warrior Success Center throughout the academic year.

Log-in to your Handshake account. On the left side, choose the Interviews drop-down menu and select Interviews to see all upcoming interview schedules.

To sign up for an interview, you will need to have your resume and any other required documents uploaded prior to applying for the position.

After applying, the employer will decide if you will be accepted for an interview and will notify you via email.

  • Schedule a practice “mock” interview with a career advisor
  • Dress professionally
  • Turn off your cell phone prior to entering the building
  • Arrive at the interview site 10 - 15 minutes early
  • Be polite to the receptionist
  • Avoid verbal fillers such as "um," "ah," or "like"
  • Use gestures that enhance your verbal message
  • Sit tall and lean forward slightly to show interest
  • Be detailed, yet concise with your responses
  • After the interview, send a thank you letter within 24 hours
  • When answering questions, use real life examples to back up your examples
  • Review Sample Interview Questions (PDF)
  • Address the employer with Mr./Ms./Dr. followed by their last name
  • When greeted by the employer, offer a firm handshake, maintain eye contact and smile
  • Research the organization in advance and have questions ready to ask the employer 

Need to practice? is an excellent tool to enhance your interviewing skills. It is a private and free way to practice answering the most asked interview questions from anywhere in the world.

You just need a laptop or desktop with a camera and internet access.

How to Get Started

  • Create an account at
  • Once you are logged in, you can choose between options for "Conduct an Interview" or "Mobile Interview"
  • Select "Created for Me" or "Custom Interview" to choose the questions that you would like to practice answering.
  • Align yourself in front of the webcam and then click begin!

Once your interview is completed you will receive an email with a link to your recorded answers.


If you would like us to set-up a customized question set for your class please email with your request. Resources