Caring for Your Warrior ID

With so many features and capabilities it is important to take care of your Warrior ID.   Here are some tips to keep your Warrior ID in good working condition.

  • Keep your Warrior ID stored in a protective sleeve or wallet at all times.

  • Do not punch holes in your Warrior ID!
    This would result in broken technology that is inside your Warrior ID!

  • Avoid scratching the magnetic stripe on the back of the card.

  • Don't place stickers on your Warrior ID

  • Keep your Warrior ID away from extreme heat (i.e. the cloths dryer) and cold (i.e. the freezer)

  • Remember to always keep track of your Warrior ID. Losing your Warrior ID or damaging it beyond the point of use will require a replacement card. This replacement card will cost $20 or $22 bill to your student tuition.