The heading for the Campus Card Office’s Warrior ID page.

Warrior ID

All students, faculty and staff at WSU are issued an ID card known as a “Warrior ID”.  Students at the Winona and Rochester campuses will have Warrior ID cards specific to those locations.

New students can choose to upload a photo during Virtual Registration events. Keep these things in mind when taking a photo:

  • Use a white or light background with no other objects in view
  • Have your face and shoulders squarely facing the camera
  • Leave space around and above your head
  • There should be no pets or other people in your photo-- just yourself
  • Refrain from hats, sunglasses or other accessories that block your face
  • No selfies-- this is your WSU Warrior ID and should be professional

You can also have your photo taken in person at the Campus Card Office – Maxwell 233, weekdays from 8:00am to 4:30pm or Summer 8:00am to 3:30pm, for your convenience visit us before or after you pick up your laptop or if you have scheduled a tour and we can take your photo and print your card.   We are located on second floor, middle of the hallway, take a right down a small hallway and you will find us. 

Distance learning students will also be issued an ID card so they can take advantage of digital services even though they aren't physically on campus. 

The Warrior ID card system offers smart card technologies with simple solutions that benefit all members of the WSU community.

What the Warrior ID Can Do


Smart Card Technology (PDF)

Two purple p’s, signifying “Purple Pass”.

Purple Pass

A drawing of a key, signifying security.

Secure door access and privileges

Plate with fork and knife graphic

Chartwells Dining Services

Meal Plans and Dining Dollars are managed and tracked on the card.

Get Funds

A drawing of a book, signifying the WSU bookstore. 

WSU Bookstore

: A drawing of a book with the word “library” over it, signifying the library.

Library Services

Printer Graphic

Media Services

Poster (PDF)

A drawing of pop and a snack, signifying the campus vending machines.

Pop and Snack Vending

Poster (PDF)

Map (PDF)