Cal Fremling Interpretive Center & Classroom

The Cal Fremling Interpretive Center & Floating Classroom is a state-of-the-art vessel dedicated to creating a greater understanding of the broad multi-faceted nature of the Mississippi River, providing a distinctive, high-quality application of knowledge to thousands of students of every age within the region. It serves as a gateway to exploration and knowledge.

The vessel offers many and varied hands-on learning experiences and will enable WSU faculty and staff to inspire and educate future generations about the significance of the River, providing experiential learning opportunities through varied curriculums. We will seek greater knowledge of the history, environment, literature, natural and social sciences, folklore, visual and performing arts and economics of the Mississippi River through research, teaching and outreach.

Dr. Calvin Fremling

The boat is named in honor of the late Dr. Calvin Fremling, WSU Professor Emeritus of Biology. Dr. Fremling was a noted and beloved educator, scientist, and River enthusiast. His book, Immortal River: The Upper Mississippi River in Ancient and Modern Times, serves as one of the most comprehensive and readable accounts of the Mississippi River ecosystem available today.