WSU biology student conducting lab research.


WSU Research Programs

A range of exciting research opportunities exists for current WSU students. For more information, please see current students.

Summer Research

A summer research project or internship can be an excellent way for WSU biology students to explore new areas and get some practical experience. It can also be of tremendous help in strengthening applications for jobs, graduate schools, and professional schools. Many opportunities exist for WSU students to take part in summer research. If you are interested, we have provided the following links to help identify an opportunity which might be right for you. Check with your academic advisor for more information.

Summer Research Programs

Internships & Jobs

Please note that many of these programs have application deadlines five or six months in advance, so you will want to get started early. Obviously, many more opportunities exist than can be linked here, and notices are often posted on the bulletin boards on the second floor of Pasteur hall and the Science Lab Center. Your advisor can help you identify the right program for you.