Advising Scheduler Instructions

The online advising scheduler makes scheduling advising appointments with your student advisees easier. Please read the full instructions before using this tool.

If you have technical difficulties, please contact Tech Support at 507.457.5240 (select menu option 1) or Wayne Wicka at 507.457.5862.

Sign into your work computer with your StarID credentials and go to your advising scheduler. Click on “New appointment slots” to begin.

Fill out the settings listed under “Appointment Settings”

  • Title: Create a title for your appointments, or leave the default
  • Location: Insert where your advising appointments will take place
  • Description: Type in special instructions to help your advisee prepare for your upcoming advising session.
  • Interval: Feel free to set how long you want for each meeting, or leave the default of 30 minutes
After you have filled in your appointment settings, click the schedule to insert individual appointments or click-and-drag to insert multiple appointments at once. You can insert up to 100 appointments at one time. Trying to add more than this maximum will overload the system.

Hit “Save” to save your new appointments on your calendar.

If you also use a planner or electronic calendar (such as Outlook) to manage your daily schedule, be sure to block off the times you made available for advising to avoid being double booked.

Access your advisee list from the Report Index or from your advising scheduler. You must be on campus or have access to VPN to access your advisee list.

Open Microsoft Outlook to create your email invitation. Copy and paste your advisees’ email addresses into the blind carbon copy (BCC) field in your email.

Create a welcoming message for your student advisees that includes your unique advising scheduler calendar link. This link contains your Warrior ID number at the end, so verify this is the case before sending the email to your advisees. If the link is not visible, click the “Advisors” tab.

With the link to your advising scheduler calendar, student will be able to select an appointment from your available times.

Example Advisee Email

Dear Student, I hope you are having a great day. In preparation for selecting courses for next semester, please schedule an advising appointment time on my calendar using the link below. Available times are indicated in blue.

If blue appointment times do not appear, please click the forward arrow icon in my calendar to see my future appointments.[yourwarriorid] (Copy your advising scheduler calendar link and paste it into the body of the email. This link is only an example.)

As always, I look forward to seeing you.

Once a student signs up for an available appointment, the system will send an email to you and will add the meeting to your WSU Outlook calendar.

Students can make appointments right up to the start time of any posted availability you have in your advising scheduler, so it is important to be present for all posted appointment times you created.