Register for Classes

The advising periods for fall and spring semesters begin about two weeks before registration opens. To prepare, review the WSU Online Registration Tutorial and become familiar with the registration system.

Please also reference your Degree Audit in eServices to help you with your course selections or to run a U.Achieve Report for a program of interest.

Then, follow these steps to get the most of your advising time and make sure you progress through your degree program on schedule. 

Before meeting with your advisor, it is important to make an initial attempt at selecting your courses for the next semester. This will make your advising meeting be more productive and go faster.

Review your Degree Audit Report (DARS) to identify classes that are required next in your degree program. Also take note of any general education courses that you still need. To access your DARS:

  • Log into Student eServices
  • Select 'Academic Records'
  • Open your 'Degree Audit Report'

Consult a Major Map

There may be a major map available for your program. Major maps provide semester-by-semester guidance on which classes to take each term. Check the undergraduate catalog for your major to see if your program has a major map available.


Add Courses to Wishlist

Once you identify your needed courses, add them to your wish list in Student eServices. Then use the Schedule Planning Sheet (PDF) to make sure your classes do not overlap each other.

Remember to check the prerequisites for each class to ensure you meet the requirements needed to register. For math, English 111 and language courses, take time to learn about course placement.

Before you register, you will meet with your academic advisor. It is important to do this before your registration window opens because you'll have the best chance to get into the classes you need.

Be proactive and schedule your meeting to happen at least a week before registration opens.


How to Schedule a Meeting

To schedule a meeting with your advisor using the online Faculty Advising Scheduler, choose the "Students" tab and enter your advisor's name in the search box.

If your advisor has appointments in the schedule, select an available time to make your appointment.

If there are no appointment times open in your advisor’s schedule, you will have to connect with your advisor to set up an alternate time.

If you do not know who your advisor is, your advisor's name is listed on your DARS report. To access your DARS:

  • Log into Student eServices
  • Select Grades and Transcripts
  • Open your Interactive Degree Audit Report

View the DARS tutorial for more details.

Bring your laptop and your printed DARS to the advising meeting. At the meeting, your advisor will review your proposed course schedule and may suggest changes to keep you on track with your degree program.

Your advisor will also provide your registration access code. Enter that code in Student eServices under Registration Access Code during your meeting to make sure it is correct.

If your major requires entry into the college or program, your advisor will help you understand the application process and where you stand.

Students can register for classes when their registration window opens. To find out the starting day and time you can register for classes, check your registration window in Student eServices.

While in eServices, also check to see if you have a registration hold well before your registration date, so you have time to resolve it if necessary.

When your window opens, follow these steps to register for your classes.

  • Go to your 'Wish List' in Student eServices and select the option 'Review My Plan'
  • Check the boxes for the courses you want to take next semester
  • Choose 'Select Course(s) to proceed to Register'
  • Enter your StarID password when prompted to confirm your choices

If you have any unexpected errors, don't hesitate to contact the Warrior Hub or your academic advisor for help.