FAQs for Faculty Advisors

Listed below are frequently asked questions for advisors about student advising.

Learn about the General Education Program. You can also find the GEP requirements on a student's Degree Audit in eServices.

  1. Understanding Your Academic Status
  2. A student is placed on warning if they fall below good academic standing which is defined as, a minimum WSU cumulative GPA of 1.75 for the first 15 degree credits attempted and 2.00 thereafter. The cumulative GPA used to determine satisfactory progress is based solely on courses attempted and grades earned at WSU. In addition, a student must complete at least 67% of credits attempted, including credits accepted in transfer, to maintain good academic standing.
  3. A student is placed on Academic probation if they have been suspended and had a successful appeal of their suspension.  They student must have a 2.2 or higher GPA the following semester and complete 66.7% of the courses for that semester to not be placed back on suspension. 
  4. Academic suspension occurs when a student on probation or warning falls below good academic standing.
  5. The student can appeal their suspension by going to the academic appeal process page and selecting the online appeal form link.
  1. Academic hold - depending on what the hold is for they have to meet with their advisor and submit the proper form. Most forms are now found online. The form needs to be submitted before they are able to get the hold lifted. More information and access to forms can be found on the academic status page.
  2. Financial hold – the student should meet with WSU Student Accounts in 205 Maxwell or call at 507.457.5076
  3. Disciplinary – The student should connect with the Dean of Students Office in 234 Kryzsko Hall or call 507.457.2472


  1. Minimum to be a full time student is 12 during the semester and maximum is 22 credits.  Anything over 19 Credits must have prior approval from the Academic Dean of the college their major is housed in.
  2. Summer is minimum is 3 credits depending on the financial supports that are given to the student.


All placement information can be found on the course placement.

Yes, they will just not be able to have their actual diploma until after they pass the course.

Learn about the policies and processes for registration override forms.

The WSU Financial Aid Office is located in the Warrior Hub on the second floor of Maxwell Hall and can be reached at 507.457.5090.

Learn about the steps involved in withdrawing from WSU.

The student has two choices.

If they would like to change to the new requirements, they fill out a declaration of major form and indicate the new catalog year.

If they prefer to stay with the requirements as listed when they first declared, they may do so and have 7 years to complete the degree.

A mock DARS is available to the students as they look to declare a major.

The student can access it through their e-services and type in any major to see what the requirements are and how their current courses fit into that major.

Yes, minor advisors can grant access codes so students can register for classes.

Learn about the payment procedures and deadlines for tuition and financial aid disbursements.

Student will be put on a financial hold if registration is near until a certain amount of money is paid toward tuition.

Students may lose their registered classes depending on the amount of money left on their accounts.

The impact on their financial aid depends on students loan agreements and other financial aid sources.

Students should speak to the Financial Aid Office in the Warrior Hub or call 507.457.5090.

When a student repeats a course, they must take the course on a regular graded basis (i.e., letter grade).

When a student repeats a course, only the last grade received and credits earned are included in the GPA computation. Even if the repeated grade is lower than the first attempt or a failing grade, the second grade will replace the first grade.

If the student withdraws (W) while repeating a course, the original grade is included in the GPA computation.


They should submit a repeat notice form to the Warrior Hub. Without this notification, the student’s academic records may be adversely affected.

Their assigned academic advisor is the best resource for GPA information.

  1. Completion Rate:  It will count against the completion rate.
  2. GPA: It will not affect the student's GPA.
  3. Full-time student status: If the student drops below 12 credits they will not be considered full-time.
  4. Financial Aid:  Always visit the Financial Aid Office to clarify if dropping the course will affect your Financial Aid.


Refer the student to the Warrior Success Center for undeclared advising. If they have ideas on where they would like to major instead refer them to that department to meet with an advisor.