Calculate Your Completion Rate

Students must maintain a cumulative completion rate of at least 67% of all credits attempted to remain on Good Academic Standing. The completion rate is determined by dividing the number of credits earned by the number of credits attempted.

You must complete at least 67% of credits attempted with a grade of A, B, C, D or P. This includes developmental coursework like English 099 or Math 050 and credits accepted in transferring to WSU.

To calculate course completion rate, you will need to refer to your academic record. To access this go to Student eServices, log in, select Grades and Transcripts, then Academic Record. Choose the option to sort chronologically.

This will give you an unofficial record of your course work which will have the numbers you need.

Finding the Correct Values for Calculation

On your academic record, find the last line of the last semester you completed. It will look similar to what is shown below. Identify the cumulative number of credits earned and credits attempted.

The line "Cum Att" on your academic record has the numbers you need to calculate your completion rate

In this example the total credits earned is 25 and the total attempted is 30.

Example Calculation

Credits earned (cumulative)
Credits attempted (cumulative)
Completion rate (cumulative) =
credits earned/credits attempted

= 83.33%

If you would like help calculating your completion rate, feel free to connect with a Warrior Success Center advisor. They can sit down with you and walk you through the process.