Summer by the Numbers

ACE has been monitoring and reporting Summer Session data for years. While the initial intent was to measure general results and trends, our data gathering efforts have evolved to a sophisticated set of real-time reports that can be filtered to make the details shine and our realities evident.

We collect quantitative data by reporting on credit generation and headcount from a variety of views, and we collect qualitative data from students on their priorities and satisfaction with Summer Session. We primarily collect this qualitative data through the University Assessment Day survey.

It is great to see our summer offerings fill within the first couple weeks of registration. This helps to validate the selection of courses offered and tells us what our students need in the summer.

The 80% to 100% full report was designed to help departments make data-driven decisions as courses are filling. This report gives you real-time information about which courses are full or near full so that decisions can be made about offering another section and so student preferences for delivery can be identified.